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Cyber liability insurance covers loss, disruption or corruption of your electronic data in the case of cybercrime attacks or other electronic risk events such as power outages. Cybercrime among the fastest growing criminal sectors and includes a diverse range of criminal activities including hacking and identity theft. Cybercriminals work across borders, so businesses can't rely on the strength of local laws and enforcement for protection against cyber crimes. For many businesses and individuals in the 21st century, our most valuable assets are stored electronically. Since cybercrime has become an unavoidable part of the modern risk landscape, it is essential to transfer your risk and ensure that you have a cyber liability insurance policy tailored to meet the needs of your business. 


What we offer


Insurance Products:

At Sela Group, we work with an international portfolio of insurers well equipped to meet the transnational nature of most cybercrime.

Tailored cyber insurance coverage for individuals and small institutions

Cryptocurrency insurance and protection

Cyber liability coverage for large businesses including financial institutions and insurance companies 


Risk Mitigation tools:


Business tools for risk selection and risk accumulation of Cyber insurance policies which enable you to understand, quantify, and manage cyber risk while maximizing value. Our platform provides an instant insight into your cyber risks.  


Partnership with companies specializing in bringing Israeli military technologies to the private sector