• Tamir Zuckerman

“RobbinHood” ransomware takes down Baltimore City government networks

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Systems at a number of Baltimore’s city government departments were taken offline on May 7 by a ransomware attack. As of 9:00am today, email and other services remain offline. Police, fire, and emergency response systems have not been affected by the attack, but nearly every other department of the city government has been affected in some way.

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In his press conference, Baltimore’s new mayor, Bernard “Jack” Young, said it was uncertain how long the city's systems would be offline. "There is a backup system with the IT department," he said, "but we can't just go and restore because we don’t know how far back the virus goes. So I don’t want people to think that Baltimore doesn’t have a backup."

In the meantime, Young said, city employees would have to switch to doing things manually. If city workers are idle for a substantial amount of time, Young said that he might ask them to "help clean up the city."

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