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Risk management in healthcare is more important than in perhaps any other industry. In most industries, an organization develops and implements risk management strategies to prevent and mitigate financial losses. The same can be said for healthcare but health care providers have to consider the additional risk layer of patient safety. Risk management in this industry can mean the difference between life and death, which makes the stakes significantly higher.


We at Sela Group, believe that an effective risk management process for any healthcare facility must address overall patient safety and prevention of common medical errors while maintaining protocol consistency. Additionally, with the rise in cyber attacks against healthcare organizations, it also must establish stronger cybersecurity practices to protect patient privacy.


The risk management activity that reduces the risks of injury to patients during medical treatment it is beneficial to patients, insureds and insurers alike. 



What We Offer:

  • Medical risk management products: Unique programs for medical institutions including workshops, risk management surveys, lectures, Medico-legal services, and consultations.

  • Cybersecurity consultation: We can audit your current security protocols and advise on active steps to reduce cyber risks

  • Mediation classes: Learn how to avoid a claim before it's even made. We provide workshops, lectures, and one-on-one instruction to give you tools to communicate better with your clients

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