Specialty Insurance

Insurance solutions outside of the US & Special risk insurance solutions

  At Sela Group we know that sometimes it is difficult to find a solution to fit your needs in what can be a one-size-fits-all industry.

Our specialty is to identify your exact needs and to create a tailor-made and comprehensive solution for your professional liability and cybersecurity needs, even if it means we have look across the globe to find it.

Our abilities and expertise include:

  • We have partners based in London partners, who provide complex solutions through Lloyds of London's syndicates

  • International coverage for exposure outside the US

  • Special risks solutions for an activity of a unique nature, risk, or exposure

  • One-of-kind insurance for the family members of workers from the Philippines - a unique insurance plan that provides full medical coverage in the Philippines to members of the employee's family​ (Learn more

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